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Author Topic: Tremulous Tourney  (Read 723 times)


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Tremulous Tourney
« on: November 25, 2014, 08:29:59 AM »
I Flash of the Foreign Killers clan am calling out every clan known to 1.1, I want YOU to participate in this Tremulous tourney of champs.

The Run Down:

Clan vs. Clan 5v5s on default map of each clan's choice. Every clan gets to pick one singular default map to scrim the opposition.

There will be a bracket system. A clan will be scheduled to scrim the other clan. The winner is the team who wins 2/3. Each clan will pick a default map, the clan who won the first round out of three will pick the tie breaking map.

Winners move up a level on the bracket while losers will stay until they're kicked off or eliminated via progression of the bracket.

The bracket has yet to be set up due to lack of clan participation and head count.

The Reward:

Each clan submits 5$ a match (1 game of two rounds) and winner takes the pot via PayPal.  Still undecided as to whether we will play for money.

The server:

We kindly ask either Pk clan or NoS clan to use their server as host for this tournament. If not, I will pay for a temporary server in order to see this through.

The Participants:

- Foreign Killers Clan

However I call out Pk clan and NoS clan to participate Evil


If you aren't already a legitimate clan (I.E. Pk, Fk, NoS) but still want to participate with a group of friends then either Pm me or reply to this thread with a scrim team and tag.

We also welcome and encourage GPP'ers to play as well (That means you CU clan!)

We are hoping to see a big turn out, I anticipate the comeback of clans like One and Xenocide for this tournament.

Once I have a sufficient number of groups/clans (4) I will set up the bracket and post it here.

Thanks for the consideration, leave any suggestions you'd think this tournament would benefit from.

-Flash Helmet Grenade

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